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What Are Dental Crowns and Are They Effective?

January 6, 2022
Posted By: Centre Family Dentistry
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Have you ever wondered what happens after a root canal treatment? Or are you experiencing issues with your teeth and searching for potential treatment options? You've likely heard of them before, but dental crowns can help in the treatment of several common oral conditions.

What Are Dental Crowns?

To successfully "cap" a tooth or provide functional replacement of a lost tooth, many dentists rely on crowns to restore the look and functionality of their patients' teeth. If a tooth in your mouth bothers you regularly, imagine a cover that sits on top, increasing chewing capability, maybe getting less food stuck in your teeth, and getting rid of some pain. While dental crowns might not be a biological replacement tooth, they look realistic and act like the rest of your healthy teeth!

How Effective Are Dental Crowns?

Many patients worldwide rely on dental crowns. Crowns successfully restore the cosmetic appearance and everyday functionality of damaged teeth. In other words–dental crowns can save the day! Our Fort Collins patients with missing or damaged teeth can look forward to custom-fitted dental crowns placed with care and with their specific needs in mind.

Dental Crowns in Fort Collins, CO

At Centre Family Dentistry, we provide dental crowns in a few situations that include:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • After a dental implant
  • Partially damaged teeth due to trauma
  • Decaying teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

Left untreated, some of the conditions above may harm patients' teeth further down the line by allowing unwanted bacteria to thrive or potentially causing embarrassment if a damaged or misshapen tooth is easily visible.

Contact Our Fort Collins Dental Practice

We do our best to accommodate our patients' needs and restore their smiles. Our friendly team can assess your situation and determine if dental crowns are the right choice for you! For more information, our dental office is open and ready to assist!

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