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Why a Dental Bridge Might Be Right for You

November 26, 2020
Posted By: Centre Family Dentistry
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Tooth loss has a significant impact on your life. It can cause you to feel embarrassed because of the gaps in your teeth. Even if you can't see the open spaces when you smile, you might find it more difficult to chew and enjoy your food.

Dental implants are often touted as the gold standard in tooth replacement; however, patients who have suffered significant bone loss over the years may not be able to successfully support a dental implant. Enduring a surgical procedure or the cost of treatment is often a concern for patients when considering tooth replacement options in Fort Collins, CO.

The good news is that there are other solutions for your smile, and a dental bridge may be the right option for you.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is successful in replacing one or multiple adjacent teeth by using tooth crowns as anchors to healthy teeth and filling in the open space with one or more prosthetic teeth. A bridge is custom-designed for your smile using ceramic porcelain crowns that blend seamlessly. The crowns offer both the aesthetics and durability that you want for your smile.

Taking Care of Your Dental Bridge

A bridge can last for many years with an excellent home care routine. Keeping your anchor teeth clean and bacteria-free is the key to longevity for your dental bridge. Consistent teeth cleanings and checkups with your Fort Collins dentist every six months will also help you protect your investment in your bridge.

Learn More About the Options for Your Smile

Replacing a tooth is a big decision and also a financial investment in your smile and your dental health. Dr. Jordan Humbert can help you make the best decision during an evaluation. He'll take the time to listen to your needs and concerns and give you tooth replacement recommendations that best fit your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

Contact our Fort Collins dental office today to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Humbert.

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