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What to Expect with Dental Veneers

January 27, 2021
Posted By: Centre Family Dentistry Staff
woman with veneers in fort collins

Dental veneers are a great option for improving your smile. If you are embarrassed by dental flaws like chips, cracks, misalignments, or discoloration, porcelain veneers can help you cover those flaws and enjoy smiling again!

The Porcelain Veneers Process

Many patients are amazed by how quickly they can create a new look with porcelain dental veneers. We can typically have your new veneers in place in just two office visits.

First Appointment

During your first veneers appointment at Centre Family Dentistry, Dr. Jordan Humbert will prepare your teeth. To do so, he will need to remove dental enamel from your teeth. Only a thin layer will be removed, but this will allow the veneer shell to align with your gums, so your veneers blend right into your smile and don’t appear large or bulky.

Dr. Humbert will then choose a color and shape for your veneers, making sure to match them closely to your natural teeth for a seamless look. If you want a whiter smile, it is a good idea to have a teeth whitening treatment before your new veneers are created. That way, your veneers will match the lighter shade of your teeth. Unfortunately, dental veneers cannot be whitened, so you will not be able to have teeth whitening treatments to make them brighter at a later date.

Finally, we will take impressions of your prepared teeth, and the impressions will be used to create your new veneers in a custom dental lab. 

Second Appointment

Your next appointment will be about two weeks later when your dental veneers have been made and are ready to place on your teeth. In our office, the dentist will make sure your new veneers fit properly, make any needed adjustments to ensure a perfect smile, and secure your new porcelain veneers to your prepared teeth. 

You will leave our office after your second visit with a brand-new smile! 

Dental Veneers in Fort Collins, CO

To create a new smile in the Fort Collins area, contact our office to schedule your first dental veneers appointment. We want everyone to enjoy sharing their smile, so we love making smile improvements in our dental office!

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