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When Is a Tooth Extraction Recommended at Centre Family Dentistry?

December 30, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Jordan Humbert
Tooth Extraction in Hosaka Family Dental

Dentists choose or recommend tooth extraction for various reasons. Sometimes, the extraction sets you up for a new smile through tooth replacement or orthodontics. In other words, tooth extraction in Fort Collins, CO, does not mean the end of your smile.

Let's explore why the dentist might talk to you about dental extractions.

Top Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Pulled

Deep Decay, Damage, or a Failed Root Canal

If a tooth is severely damaged—for example, broken below the gumline—your dentist will talk to you about extraction. We can typically save the tooth with a dental crown in less severe cases. But if we can't salvage it, tooth replacement is an essential next step after removal.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

We provide periodontal treatment, but if the gum no longer adheres to the tooth and is mobile, we may have to extract it to protect your other teeth and prevent sudden loss when you're eating or sleeping.

Before Specific Dental Treatments

If you have only a few remaining teeth and are considering dentures or all-on-4, we'd need to extract these to prepare for your new smile. Additionally, your dentist might suggest extraction before orthodontics if your jaw is overcrowded with teeth.

Problematic Wisdom Teethtooth illustration in Fort Collins, CO

Wisdom teeth typically erupt in early adulthood at the back of the mouth. If you're lucky, they come in without issue. But often, they push on other teeth or can't go through the gum because of space issues. When wisdom teeth create problems, it's better to extract them. Otherwise, you're at risk for pain and infections at the eruption site.

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We provide gentle tooth extractions under local anesthesia and offer sedation dentistry options in Fort Collins, CO. Call us today to learn more about our dental services or book a consultation with the dentist.

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