Dental Crowns & Bridges in Fort Collins

Couple with dental bridges in fort collinsDo you have a broken tooth that hurts when you chew?

Do you notice signs of excessive wear on your teeth because of teeth grinding or clenching? 

Do you have a missing tooth that’s uncomfortable and makes you feel self-conscious?

Don't despair—there is hope for your smile! These are all situations that Dr. Jordan Humbert and our dental care team resolve for our patients every day with dental crowns and bridges at our Fort Collins, CO dental office.

Solutions for Decayed and Broken Teeth in Fort Collins

If you have a broken or damaged tooth, you might be tempted to put off treatment, especially if it’s not noticeable when you smile or doesn't cause discomfort. However, Dr. Jordan Humbert recommends that you get treatment for broken and missing teeth as soon as possible for several reasons:

  • It’s challenging to keep a fractured or damaged tooth clean. The result is that plaque and bacteria buildup spends more time on your teeth, giving cavities and gum disease more time to form.
  • A deep crack or fracture can allow bacteria to enter the tooth and cause an infection that requires root canal treatment to save it.
  • Breaking a tooth changes its overall structure, making it easy for new chips or cracks to form when you chew and bite down on hard or crunchy foods. 

Having a broken or damaged tooth can take its toll on you in many ways, and our caring dental team wants to help. Call to schedule an appointment so we can see if dental crowns in Fort Collins are right for you.

How We Use Dental Crowns in Fort Collins, CO

dental crown diagram in fort collins coA dental crown is a tooth-shaped porcelain jacket that covers the entire surface of a tooth up to the gum line. For this reason, they are very versatile, and there are numerous cases where Dr. Humbert might recommend a dental crown for you:

  • A broken tooth resulting from trauma or injury
  • A severely decayed tooth that’s so damaged a dental filling isn't enough to protect it
  • A tooth with a cavity has already had multiple fillings
  • A root-canaled tooth needs extra strength and protection after treatment
  • A tooth is worn down by chronic teeth grinding (bruxism) or clenching

Designing, fabricating, and placing your custom dental crown can typically be completed in two convenient visits to Centre Family Dentistry.

Have Missing Teeth? Ask Us about Dental Bridges in Fort Collins

Missing teeth are a more widespread problem than you might think; estimates say that as many as 178 million Americans are missing one tooth. If you want to protect your overall oral health, it’s essential to replace missing teeth in Fort Collins as soon as possible. With nothing to support them, neighboring teeth start to tilt or drift into the gap in your smile. This change can lead to pain in your jaw, teeth grinding, TMJ and bite issues, and tooth misalignment that may require orthodontics to correct. 

A dental bridge is a single unit of prosthetic teeth that fills in the gap in your smile after tooth loss. It consists of an artificial tooth called a pontic that’s suspended on either side by dental crowns attached to healthy adjacent teeth to restore your smile.

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If you have a broken, decayed, or missing tooth, please don't put off treatment. Call Centre Family Dentistry at (970) 407-1001 to schedule an appointment to learn more about crowns and bridges in Fort Collins, CO.