Tooth Extractions in Fort Collins

tooth extractions fort collins | dentist near meAs a general dentist in Fort Collins, CO, our goal is to provide all the services your family needs to maintain excellent oral health. We offer solutions to prevent disease, restore damaged teeth, and enhance your smile, as well as patient education, to help you successfully manage your oral health at home. 

But in spite of these efforts, sometimes a tooth is so decayed or damaged that removing it is in your best interest to protect your long-term oral health. We know that this can come as devastating news because most of us anticipate keeping our teeth for most of our lives. 

At Centre Family Dentistry, we understand the emotions that tooth extraction can stir up. We put ourselves in your place and provide the kind of gentle dental extractions for you that we would want for ourselves and our families. 

Why We Might Recommend Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is almost always a last-resort procedure when we’ve exhausted all other options for saving the tooth. If Dr. Humbert does recommend gentle tooth extraction, it is for one of the following reasons: 

  • A severely decayed tooth can’t be saved with other treatment
  • A deeply infected tooth can’t be treated with a root canal
  • One or more teeth that are loose due to advanced gum disease
  • Wisdom teeth that cause crowding and damage to other teeth 
  • A tooth that’s fractured below the gum line
  • To achieve optimal results for denture therapy
  • To remove teeth in preparation for orthodontics

You can be completely confident that if you do need to have a tooth removed, you will be fully informed about why we recommend the procedure and how it will benefit your oral health in the longterm.

Your Comfort Is of the Utmost Importance to Us

Dental X-Ray | Gentle Tooth Extractions in Fort Collins | dentist near meDr. Humbert will plan your tooth extraction procedure by taking x-rays and digital images, so he knows exactly what he's dealing with before he begins. This pre-planning ensures an efficient and comfortable procedure for you, with as little time as possible spent in the dental chair. 

Before we begin, Dr. Humbert will numb the tooth with a local anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. If you think you can benefit from some added relaxation during your procedure, we also offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and in-office IV sedation for your comfort.

Post-Extraction Recovery at Home

We’ll send you home with detailed instructions for post-extraction care. You should plan to go home and take it easy after your procedure so your body can rest and recover. Following the guidelines we provide ensures a smooth recovery and helps prevent a painful condition called dry socket that can occur after tooth loss.

Let’s Talk about Tooth Replacement in Fort Collins

We always recommend replacing a lost tooth with a dental prosthetic, be it a bridge, denture, or dental implant. Also, the idea of having a tooth extraction can be easier to accept when you and your dentist have a plan to fill the gap in your smile.

Call Us to Schedule Your Next Emergency Dental Appointment in Fort Collins, CO

The best way to avoid the need for tooth extraction in Fort Collins, CO is to stay current with exams and dental cleanings and practice good oral habits at home. But we are a judgment-free dental practice, and we’re here to provide the quality care you need without any lectures or shaming.

We also perform emergency tooth extractions, so please call us right away if you are in pain so we can get you the help you need.